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Whether you need professional musicians to replay your song, someone to help you with musical arrangements or simply some tips to get the best out of your home recording session, I'm here to make your process as easy as possible and let you focus on the most important part of your job ; your creativity!


 My mixing is done in what we call an hybrid way, using both analog technologies and state of the art "in the box" plugins, offering you the best of both worlds for a kick ass mix!

If you need advices or help on any step of your production or mix, I offer hourly consultations online.

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I'm offering my own personal mastering service as well as working in collaboration with some of the most renown mastering studios in all North America.


I am either offering my own mastering services where I mastered your project myself or I am working as a relation between you and some of the most renown mastering studios in all North America, finding the best fit for your genre, budget and particular inquiries.




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Starting at a young age as a pianist and singer, and continuing my carrer as an audio engineer, I have been involved in the music industry since I was little. In 2018, after graduating from Recording Arts Canada (RAC) I started working in studio where I had the chance to produce, record and mix music from many genres, ranging from Jazz, Hip-Hop and world music to my normal clientele of electro and pop.



“ I recorded and had my debut EP mixed by LOF and it sounds amazingly professional !!! LOF is both passionate and organized about her work, so my experience with her was definitely fun and reassuring. As an independent artist, I recommend you work with her without hesitation! ” 

—  Seamour, Beatmaker / Singer / Songwriter


Fill up the following form with as many details as possible and I'll be in touch within 48h, so we can schedule a chat together.

Your project is my project and I'll make it perfect so we can both be proud of it! 

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